Friday, May 14, 2010

An Artisan's Life!

We think, we create, we list, we wait!
Hoping to sell...feeling great.
We post, we tweet, we share, we like..
We update, we chat, we promote with might!

We clean, we dust and vacuum too..
Fix boo boos, cook .. a trip to the zoo.

We create some more and start listing again
Oh No... we have reached days end

Never fear we are mighty and strong
There's always tomorrow...we plod along!

We make great friends along the way
And fingers crossed... a sale!! Yeah!!

We were many hats in our venture on line..
We are Husbands and wives and somehow.. always find time.
We enjoy our good times and chins up during strife!
This my friend.. is the Artisan's Life!

1 comment:

Crystal from KIZZ said...

YOu are a Poet too?! 8)
great poem, Anne!