Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blogs that Inspire me!!

I want to give the blogger award to these awesome bloggers!! They inspire me on a daily basis! Please stop by and visit their blogs.. be sure to follow them.. you will be glad you did!!

Kizz Designs Creations with Heart Braggin' Rights Finds

Crocheted Little Things Va Beach Quilter

OM Shanti Handcrafts Mommy Tyme Atisan Jewelry Designers, Ltd

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VaBeachQuilter said...


HUGS to you and all the work that you do!!!

Tres Chic Designs Jewelry said...

Thanks, Anne. We do try!

Crystal from KIZZ said...

you Awesome You!
Thanks Anne. You are a person in my life who inspires me to always want to stay involved and work hard.
I am honored to be part of your inspiration group. 8)

Kate said...

Aww...thank you! I'm honoured. :)

I just moved my blog in fact -- mind if I blog this awesome award over at the new place?

Made for Me by Oaklie said...

Thank you Kate... and yes.. blog away!! :)
I just added pages to my blog and now have a page that will be dedicated solely to our Share the Love features.. Woo Hoo!!

Kate said...

Finally posted, over at the new place! Wow, that took me forever...

It's right here. :)

Made for Me by Oaklie said...

Thanks Kate.. looks great :)