Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Blogs!

I was just given a lovely gift of this Blog Award by Braggin Rights Uses for Stuff I am truly honored! I love to share and help promote my fellow artisans.. I live in Utah with my Husband, Mother and Brother. I am a "Mom" to children of the"4-legged" variety.. Abbie, Skipper, Baby, Daisy and Zazoo..I love all crafts and enjoy playing piano and games on my PC (still a kid a heart)
Thank you Tracy for thinking of me!
I would like to nominate...
VA Beach Quilter... a wonderful lady with wonderful talents and shares the love with her fellow artisans!
Kizz Designs - A Truly talented Jewelry designer and avid blogger who also does not hesitate to support her fellow artisans
And finally Mommy Tyme.. another who loves to help promote others!

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